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Hairlossireland have great hair loss products
The Right Product at The Right Time
July 9, 2019

Getting it right As we all know there are many different reason why people use hair products from concealers to fibers…

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Ecobell Scalp Concealing Couvre Alternative Lotion
Ecobell Scalp Concealing Couvre Alternative Lotion
May 20, 2019

Ecobell Scalp Concealing Couvre Alternative Lotion This lotion takes over from where Couvre left off, sadly Couvre is no more and…

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Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow
May 14, 2019

Toppik Hair Products   Toppik hair products are great because we all take our hair for granted more so when we…

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2019 Going Forward
December 30, 2018

Firstly I want to thank all our customers many of whom are regular customers  without you we would not continue as…

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Toppik Still Number 1
October 2, 2018

Toppik hair fibers are still the best selling hair fibers. Now that’s one heck of a statement but its true our…

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It’s not all grey and white anymore
April 27, 2018

Not many people like grey hairs but for some it’s awesome make s person look more mature in a young way…

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Product Change Information
February 21, 2018

Here are we the second month of February 2018 and so far this year is flying in. There are some products…

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Couvre Stock Discontinued Get Yours Today
January 30, 2018

Couvre Stock we still have some In relation to our Couvre stock, Sadly Toppik for some crazy reason have decided to…

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Grow Me, Condition Me from Watermans
October 11, 2017

Grow Me WOW is all we can say we have not been stocking this product for long and my goodness the…

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Hair Today Hair Tomorrow Toppik
July 1, 2017

Hair Today Hair Tomorrow Hair today hair tomorrow is what everybody would always love to have. Every day we get phone…

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